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Monday, July 21, 2014

Trend Alert: Printed Yoga Pants (How to Achieve the Look)

Look good, to look good!

Yoga pants have taken on a dramatic new look!  Abandoning their humdrum existence and transcending into pattern play, printed yoga pants are #nowtrending.

Today’s yoga pants have major crossover appeal, as they’re not just for the tree-posing yogi anymore. The figure-hugging, lightweight pants are versatile, and comfortable which makes them perfect for almost any casual outing. Word to the wise- the captivating mystique of these pants will allure, distract and delight everyone that looks your way! 

How to Achieve the Look

The adaptability of printed yoga pants makes them the perfect garment for the fit, stylish multitasker with an overflowing to-do list. From Aerial Yoga, to the Farmer’s Market, pair them with a solid sports bra, and/or tank for a morning workout (Pilates, walking, barre, etc) or any other daily routine.

To create a more relaxed look, pair the leggings with a long, flowing tunic. This look is perfect for the airport, the mall, lunch or coffee run.
Add dimension, or modesty to this look by tying a sweatshirt shirt around the waist.

Where to Buy

Luckily, there’s no shortage of retailers offering the season’s most ornate pants. Nike, Athleta, and Nordstrom are a few of the more prominent merchants currently offering a wide variety for the insightful fashionista. However, in true budgeteer/frugalista fashion, I must say my favorite yoga pants are affordable yoga pants. Marshall's, Gap,  Forever 21, and Nordstrom Rack are at the top of my list for finding affordable workout wear. In fact, I found my most cherished pair of printed yoga pants at Marshall's for 16.99! The brand? Climawear. I checked their website, and the original price on my pants were close to $75! 
Update: Climawear is currently running an awesome sale! Up to 60%! Don't miss out on your chance to treat yourself!

Lastly, always remember to do a self-check, or selfie in the mirror before purchasing as to avoid the sheer embarrassment of a wardrobe malfunction. Pun totally intended.


Syretta Avent


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