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Friday, July 25, 2014

A Houstonian’s Style Guide: How to Beat the Summer Heat

Sweltering heat, glistening sweat, loose, damp hair that sticks to the back of the neck, shorty-shorts, top down (on the convertible car, of course) and tank tops may all look like the trappings of a Beyoncé video, but for Houstonians, like myself, it’s the reality of summer’s maddening heat.

In an environment where temperatures regularly exceed 90 degrees, and humidity is thick enough to cut with a nail file, tastefully short shorts are wildly appropriate, as well as an occasional crop top. Cut-off shorts, if done right, are in constant rotation here in Houston.  Cut-offs, formally known as Daisy Dukes could be frowned upon in certain situations, however, if done right they are a great way to casually beat the Houston heat.  In the denim department, acceptable alternatives to super short cut-offs are “Midi” cut-offs, “Midi” fold-over shorts, boyfriend shorts, casually cute Bermuda shorts. Levi’s, Gap, Madewell, and Joes Jeans are my personal favorites in this category.

Dolphin shorts are all the rage this summer, and a fresh, breezy way to break the monotony of the typical summer ensemble, and simultaneously beat the heat. The airy nature of the season’s most notable trend make dolphin shorts the coolest asset in a Houston fashionista’s wardrobe.  The styling possibilities are endless, as this sunny-season staple can be dressed up or down. The chic-est of dolphin shorts are flirty and dainty and sometimes embellished with lace or ruffles. These can be worn most anywhere, and paired with heels or ornate flat sandals for a more bohemian feel. Top this look off with a loose, flowing top, or perhaps a fitted tank. Printed shorts are now trending, and a universal favorite. The good news? All of the knickers a la mode can be found stamped in the latest imprints.  Ankara, Aztec and floral printed shorts are all now trending.

Urban Outfitters, Free People, Off Saks Fifth Ave, and Forever 21 are my personal favorites in this category.

Fashion repeats itself, yet again with the re-emergence of rompers. Short rompers are a personal favorite, as they are no fuss and can be dressed up or down with ease. Once popular in the seventies and 80’s they are currently the most effortless alternative for any silhouette.  Cotton rompers are carefree and comfy, while polyester and silken rompers are a more voguish option. Textile preferences aside, short rompers are conducive in the battle against a Houston heat wave. Take note, rompers are vacation staples, as they are easy to pack and highly versatile!

American Apparel and Young Fabulous and Broke are my absolute favorites in this category.
Tye-Dye maxi dresses, printed mini dresses,  yoga pants, and cotton tees all make the honorable mention list for stylish appeal, noteworthy cooling comfort.

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Printed Vintage Skirt $10 Buffalo Exchange

Top, $5.99 Forever21
Printed High-Waist Shorts (Originally $59.99) I Paid: 19.99 Urban Outfitters

Top: $15.99, Madewell
Dolphin Shorts: (Original Price $59.99) I paid $9.99 Urban Outfitters
Sandals: (Original Price $40) I paid $9.99 American Eagle Outfitters (purchased at Marshall's)

Dress: (Original Price $244) I paid $16.99 Buffalo Exchange Young Fabulous & Broke



  1. you are def beating the heat in style!

  2. You’re always looking so wonderful in all of your outfits! I like this dress very much!UpdateLand

  3. I just love your daughter’s outfit! I can picture my niece wearing that beautiful little dress, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. Thank you for sharing!


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