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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

How to Add Color To Your Winter Wardrobe

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Yay! We're finally in the home stretch of winter. Some of us (Houston) are slowly, but surely easing out of frigid temps, gloomy skies, and #Snowmegeddon2018. Before you call your personal shopper and/or wardrobe stylist (*ahem*contact me for rates) over to purge your closets of your tried and true winter wardrobe, sort through your clothing and accessories for colorfast pieces to brighten up your look. Bright colors are no longer just reserved for spring.

Fashion Crazed Foodie
It's time to liven up muted winter tones..

Ease your wardrobe out of the usual drab cold-weather colors and into warmer temperatures by updating the muted tones; the greys, the blacks  (black is too chic to ever part with) the wines and the beiges with pops of color. The easiest way to do this is by incorporating chromatic accessories into your daily looks.

Fashion Crazed Foodie
Brighten things up!

Hats and Turbans

Lets start at the top with hats and turbans. No longer considered just 'bad hair day savers,' turbans and hats are both easy accessories, and on-trend styling solutions. Moral of the story: Add color to your winter wardrobe by topping off your #ootd with a hat or turban.

Top off your look with a brilliant headpiece.


OMG-worthy sunnies in splashy colors can instantly upgrade any look. 

I call them #sunnies, and I don't leave home without them! Sunnies are multi-functional accessories-they block the sun, and they have the power to INSTANTLY upgrade any look. Gone are the days when we only had black or tortoise shell sunnies to choose from. Today's sunglasses are prismatic, super stylish and can effortlessly add a pop of color to your winter wardrobe. Shop my favorite splashy sunnies at .

The Venice Sunnies add color and texture! 
Fashion Crazed Foodie

Layering Pieces

Fashion Crazed Foodie
Chromatic coats for layering

Coats, carves, kimonos, tights and even socks are must-have layering pieces, and in my opinion, the easiest pieces to use when adding a pop of color to your look. Pair socks and tights with heels for an on-trend slay!

Fashion Crazed Foodie
Layering essentials: Scarves, socks & kimonos.


Who doesn't love a good handbag?! The addition of a vibrant handbag is one of the most simple solutions to adding color to your winter wardrobe. Handbags come in a kaliedescopic variance of hues, shapes and sizes, so the style possibilities are endless. While clutches are ALWAYS in, mini backpacks, hobo bags and crossbody styles are the au courant picks. 

I am anti matchy-matchy, so I love to have fun with my looks by selecting handbags in colors that stylishly contrast the colors in my #ootd. Sometimes, I decide what color handbag to carry by looking at the color wheel and picking a bag in the color that is directly accross from the most prominent color in my outfit. For example, I love pairing purple and yellow! 

Use handbags to add color to your winter wardrobe


Remember when our jewelry selection was mostly basics, like silver and gold hoops, or CZ studs? Thankfully, we are out of the basics and into bold jewelry looks-from vibrant earrings, gaudy statement necklaces, splashy bangles-I have no stopping point when it comes to layering on my jewelry. It's the hippie in me! A word of advice: Do not wear matching jewelry sets, it's so Palais Royal. 

Fashion Crazed Foodie
Use kaleidoscopic baubles to add color to your ensemble. 

Fashion Crazed Foodie
Brilliant earrings. 


Fashion Crazed Foodie
Showcase your shoes! 

Again, remember when everyone mostly wore brown and black shoes? Those days are loooong gone, girl, much like microwave ponytails and sock buns. Boots, stilettos, and sneakers alike pack a super charged, prismatic punch-perfect for adding color to your winter wardrobe. Gucci is currently leading the pack with their colorful assortment of shoes, including metallics, rainbows, and ostentatious embellishments. 
Fashion Crazed Foodie



  1. Love the green flats in the shoe section!!!!! This in-depth blog post is everything!!!

    1. Thank you! Those green flats ARE amazing! I could totally see you in them!


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