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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rodeo Fun

Howdy ya'll!

Friday night, Calvin and I went to the Houston Rodeo to see John Legend.  Thanks to a great friend, we had a suite for the concert, we ate sinfully sweet food, and enjoyed the company of our cousins, Glenn and Michelle. 

 After grooving to John Legend, we moseyed on over to the carnival.  There are plenty of rides, sights, and sounds at the Rodeo Carnival, but I ONLY go to eat.  There's so much to choose from! Harlon's Bbq (my favorite bbq), corn dogs, FUNNEL CAKES, and fried everythings! This time, I was limited to what I could eat because I am not currently eating meat.  I have included a few pictures below to show you what we did eat!

1. Calvin enjoying the friend red velvet cake
2. Shelly and her fried cheesecake

We had a blast! 


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