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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Fashion, Food, Purpose.

The Great

I started this blog a little over 10 years ago. At the time, it was called Old Skool New, and I used it as a platform to showcase my love of vintage fashion, old school music and all things remininiscent of the good ol' days. While I was attending school to obtain my Fashion Merchandising degree, I decided to shift my focus to fashion and food, which prompted me to change the name to FashionCrazedFoodie.

Through years of fun and hard work, I've converted my words into partnerships with national publications, trips, countless press passes and cash! Make no mistake, I've had my share of rejection, I've heard "no" more times than I can count,  I don't share every single "win" on Instagram these days, and some of you may have never even read my blog, but that doesn't negate my blessings. I am grateful and overjoyed that my hobby is also my hustle! 

The Ugly Truth

My journey has not been all press passes and bottle popping. I don't always receive the support I'd once expected from some of my family and friends. I've been rejected and ignored, and heard the word "no" way more than "yes, and I've made my share of mistakes. I sometimes go months without blogging, depending on what's going on in my life, but I always return, because this is my passion and my purpose.

The Good

I encourage all of you to walk in your purpose; do what brings you joy, no matter how silly it may seem to you, or the doubters in your life. Hard work often goes unrewarded, and but that's okay-the joy it brings is indescribable!
I want to know: What is your purpose? What is your passion? 


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