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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

#TravelTuesday + #TastyTuesday: Atlanta's Old Lady Gang

Southern Hospitality, in the form of food, drinks and fun with The Old Lady Gang

Calvin and I traveled to Atlanta this past weekend to see our friend Yasiin Bey perform at  ONE Musicfest. While the festival was, without a doubt, the primary focus for our trip, the foodie in me was geeked to try one particular southern eatery: Old Lady Gang. As a Real Housewives of Atlanta fanatic, and a longtime fan of #girlboss and R&B super star, Kandi Burruss-Tucker, I resolved to make OLG my first stop in ATL.

I couldn't stop smiling after meeting and speaking with Kandi! She is super supportive, down-to-earth and gorgeous! 

The restaurant, affectionately named for a moniker given to Burruss-Tucker’s mother, Joyce Jones, and aunts, Bertha Jones and Nora Wilcox features southern cuisine, and family recipes curated by The Old Lady Gang.

Upon our arrival on Friday night, we were warmly greeted by the friendly OLG staff, and allowed to choose our own table.The hostess led us on a brief tour of the nouveau-industrial designed eatery, showing us the downstairs portion of the restaurant (which features a second bar), and an outdoor area. The scene outdoors was lively and packed, as Fridays at OLG are reserved for #FridayNightLive; live music and dancing, hosted by Kandi and her family.
OLG Atlanta
From the OLG drink menu: Gin and Juice for Calvin, and the OLG Cadillac Margarita for me

We opted for upstairs bar seating for our meal, and agreed that we would retreat downstairs after we ate. My foodie friends will understand that I needed to focus on my food, and didn’t want any distractions (#FoodieProbs). I examined The Old Lady Gang menu and recognized several familiar southern  favorites. We quickly opted for libations-the OLG Cadillac Margarita with a salted rim, served with a sidecar shot of Grand Marnier for me, and gin and juice for Calvin.

In true Syretta fashion, I had a hard time choosing my meal, as every menu item looked promising. After about 20 mins, (and a warning that the menu would soon switch over to Late Night Eats, appetizers only menu, after 10 pm), I finally decided to try the fried shrimp, while Calvin elected for Mama Sharon’s Chicken and French Toast.

OLG Fried Shrimp
OLG's Fried Shrimp made me dance!

To know me is to understand that there’s always the possibility of me breaking out into song and dance when the food is right. Let me tell you: The Old Lady Gang’s Food is SCRUMPTIOUS! The fried shrimp was crisp on the outside and bursting with flavor on the inside. The accompanying sweet chili sauce added syrupy dimension to the the dish. I literally danced in my seat as soon as the first shrimp graced my taste bloods! Calvin is a true restaurant critic, thanks to his degree in Hotel Restaurant and Management. This means that he is often extremely critical when dining out, so it is rare for a restaurant to get his stamp of approval. I was pleasantly surprised when Calvin tasted his food, pointed & (loudly) proclaimed that he was coming back to The Old Lady Gang for more of Mama Sharon’s Chicken and French Toast the very next morning. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Calvin react in such a way to food outside of our home. The dish was a winning combination of sweet and savory, with velvety french toast smothered in traditional maple syrup, juxtapose to whole, crunchy breaded wings. I tasted his food, (..because that’s what wives do) and I was totally blown away by the palatableness! We smiled and laughed our way through the rest of our meal, intoxicated by the euphoria of OLG’s saporous fare.

Mama Sharon's Chicken and French Toast #Yummers!

When we finished our meal, we ventured back downstairs for Old Lady Gang’s #FridayNightLive, where we met Kandi, her husband Todd and Mama Joyce, all of whom were super gracious and down to earth. I noticed that Kandi and Todd stopped at every table to meet and greet patrons-that's terrific! Kandi even featured me on her Insta Story, and my Instagram post was featured on the OLG IG page! If you crave great food and southern hospitality, I strongly suggest a visit to Old Lady Gang! For live music, dancing, and a great time, visit on a Friday for #FridayNightLive!

Fashion Crazed Foodie Syretta
My Instagram post was featured on the #OLG Instagram page within minutes of me posting!
Mama Joyce and Calvin
Mama Joyce (sporting @TheBohemiansCloset eyewear) and Calvin. She is so nice! 

The Bohemian's Closet
Good Times. #FridayNightLive at OLG. Eyewear & Camo jacket available at The Bohemian's Closet.


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