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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Etta's Kitchen: Etta's Mini Pop N Funk

Chef Shakti's Crispy Naan
Etta's Pop N Funk menu featured Chef Shakti Baum's Crispy Naan, pictured above.

Last month, I accepted an invitation to Etta's Kitchen, through The Houston Food Blogger Collective for a rather copacetic looking event labeled, Etta's Mini Pop N Funk. I readily accepted the invite, as it presented the opportunity to escape the litany of Christmas dinner leftovers (as Plies famously & so eloquently stated, there's a cap on eating holiday leftovers & after 3 days-you're pushing it). As usual, I was more than happy for the opportunity to hang with my Houston Food Blogger Collective foodie friends, and for the chance to experience a new spot.

I arrived, literally dancing into Etta's Kitchen to the welcoming sounds of old-school funk and bass-heavy beats, accoutered by DJ Melodic. The secondary sountrack; euphonious laughter and the reverb of clinking glasses led me straight to the in-house bar. There, I was greeted by the resident bartender, and self-proclaimed "NoirTender", Tulu. The NoirTender provided the night's ever-flowing libations. The night's signature drink, the "b side funk", was a velvety rum-based potion, comprised of clever mix of Meyer's Dark, Velvet Falermum, thyme honey, lime, sass bitters, Austin East Ciders Pineapple Cider and Fever Tree Ginger Beer.

The B Side Funk is a velvety rum based potion, that tastes of swarmy, sweet goodness!


 #FanFave: Savory Pop Tart Bites

The night's menu boasted an assortment of palatable bites. I have yet to stop daydreaming about the house-made savory pop tart bites-crusty pockets filled with bing cherry, thyme honey, Green Hill 'triple cream' and Camembert cheese, baked to golden perfection.

The star of the night: Juicy Lucy Meatballs

The Juicy Lucy Meatballs were my absolute favorite of the night. I tasted these meatballs, and was immediately convinced that the Juicy Lucy Meatballs hold the key to life, love and happiness! Stuffed with Tomme de Hood cow cheese, and covered in a gooey, rum glaze, these mini beef meatballs are ICONIC! There were other noteworthy tastings, including Mini Pork Tamales, Oatmeal Cracker Bites, and Crispy Naan. Every single menu item was undeniably delicious!


 As the owner and Executive Chef of Etta's Kitchen, Chef Shakti Baum has curated her own space for 'culinary adventure and philantrhopic goodness' in Houston's Third Ward. Her spirit is downright delightful, her food, distinctively delicious! Chef Shakti took a moment to describe her journey, each dish on the night's menu, and to explain the unique concept of her space. It is paramount to note that Etta's Kitchen is solely is open for cooking classes and private events, which, I think adds a distinguished twist to the carefully crafted concept.


Here's your chance to experience Etta's Kitchen for yourself! Etta's Kitchen Grand Opening Party, Thursday, January 19, 2017 7p-10p


#FoodieFriends Pictured l to r: Chef Vicky, Me 😊, Renia, (Blogger, Gristle N Gossip & Houston Food Blogger Collective President)


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