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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

#ShoppingwithFashionCrazedFoodie: J.Crew's Asymetrical Striped Ruffle Top

A Black Friday shopping spree and a surprise stay at Dallas' Ritz-Carlton Hotel.


Allow me to set the scene: It's Black Friday, and I'm on a mission to leave Dallas' NorthPark Mall, as I'd been there with my family for the past five hours, embroiled in a fanatical shopping spree.

Our children taking a much-needed break from my shopping trip at their favorite spot in NorthPark Center Mall, Nescafe.

As I hurry my children and husband through the overly crowded mall, I spy, out of the corner of my well-trained professional shopper's eye, the most magnificent top on display in the window at J.Crew! The top, flirty, frilly and ruffled to bourgeois perfection, stopped me in my tracks, seductively lured me into the store. My family and I had just spent an entire hour in J.Crew's offsping sister store, Crewcuts, shopping for Noa (she was lucky enough to score a few great items. I'll share them with you all soon, on my Instagram  page).  As an avid shopper of the time-honored store, I'm fully aware that, in my world, a quick dash into J.Crew for one item could turn into a marathon shopping mission, ending with me leaving the store with several bags in tow.

Swooning over the top I spotted in J.Crew's window!
Upon entering the store to locate the made-for-me top, I hurriedly dash from section to section, yet I fail to find my treasure. A helpful, and rather beautiful saleswoman notices my panic and offers to assist. I inform her that much like Patti Page in 1953, I was there to purchase the must-have item in the window-except it wasn't a dog. I point it out to her in the store's display and she apprehensively warns me that they may have sold out. Before the horror sets in, she consults with her colleagues who inform her that there should still be a couple left in the store. She races away to unearth the seemingly enigmatic top, leaving me in solitary trepidation. I count her footsteps in angst as she runs back to me. With each step closer, her footsteps grow louder, but they're no match for the deafening beat of my heart, which by now sounds like an HBCU drum line at the annual Homecoming parade. In the time it takes my heart to play the first few seconds of Kelela's  "Send Me Out", the saleswoman returns, shirt in hand. Yay! I bolt to the fitting room to try on the Asymetrical Striped Ruffle Top; a new arrival, that J.Crew affectionately describes as a "labor of love" on the company website. The top is gorgeous, and super-flattering! Without hesitation, I make my purchase, taking a virtual inventory of my closet in an effort to mentally select the definitive pair of skinnies to complement the newest addition to my wardrobe.

The next day, my handsome husband surprises me with a spontaneous, overnight stay at The Ritz-Carlton Dallas. He has a full night planned, complete with dinner, and plenty of bar-hopping. As you know, Calvin and I have an affinity for exploring Dallas-area cocktail lounges and bars. I didn't have immediate plans to wear my new Asymetrical Striped Ruffle Top, but when he mentioned that we'd be visiting Uptown's uber-swanky cocktail lounge, The Tipsy Alchemist, I decide it will be the main focus of my #OOTN! I rummage through my three bags of luggage and select a pair of skinny jeans, and the fab Glittery Slingbacks I scored at H&M last month.

J.Crew Asymetrical Striped Ruffle Top
The obligatory hotel lobby picture


Top: $78.00, J. Crew
High-waist Skinny Jeans: $19.99, Forever 21
Slingback Heels: $34.99, H&M

Two of several cocktails at The Tipsy Alchemist. 

The ceiling on the outside patio at The Tipsy Alchemist


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