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Thursday, March 17, 2016

      The Women’s History Blacktress Moment PSA Series   celebrates majestic female trailblazers in the arts

The Women’s History Blacktress Moment PSA 1 featuring creator, actress, singer and dancer Judith Franklin, Kandice Arrington (actress/singer/dancer) Tina Fears (actress/singer/dancer), and Xylina Stamper (actress/singer/dancer) is a reminder of women’s strength and ingenuity. March is Women’s History Month and Judith Franklin, the brainchild of the 4-part PSA series, delivers an educational and empowering tribute to her predecessors. Each  PSA highlights a different trailblazer who has contributed greatly to the arts. As director and executive producer of the PSA series, Judith
does her part to emphasize the stories of accomplished, courageous, and fascinating women who have contributed greatly to the arts yet receive less fanfare than others.
Over the past year, Judith researched Black Women in the Arts and discovered that some of the most incredible stories belonged to creative women she had yet to discover. Most recently, Judith drew inspiration from her research while touring the United States in Tyler Perry’s “Madea on the Run” as lead character Netta. While expressing his gratitude to the audience after one of the shows, Perry encouraged all to continue to follow their dreams and “Create”. Echoing loud and clear, immediately after her final tour performance, Judith decided that it was time to get these riveting stories into the minds of the masses and “Create”. By enlisting her close friends, each a talented performer in her own right, Judith was well on her way to paying homage to the greats that influenced her.
“I think it’s imperative that my peers and performers around the world become familiar with these brilliant yet unsung trailblazers. There are so many exemplary performers that get lost in the shuffle. Their matchless accomplishments, despite the odds, are nothing short of prodigious. They should be celebrated. It’s inspiring and empowering. These women are majestic.”
Women’s History Blacktress Moment PSA 1 highlights Adelaide Hall and features Judith Franklin, released online Tuesday, March 15, 2016. Women’s History Blacktress Moment PSA 2 will be released on Thursday, March 17, 2016 and will feature Tina Fears paying tribute to Tamara Dobson. PSA’s 3 & 4 will be released the following week on March 22nd and March 24th featuring Kandice Arrington and Xylina Stamper.
Watch Women’s History Blacktress Moment PSA 1 here: v=2f_5IqJMRxE

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