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Friday, February 20, 2015


Dannie Walker is a force. In her latest project, she's using her powers to heal and comfort anyone fortunate enough to hearken her magnetic energy and euphonious voice.

Dannie is a mother, a teacher, and a dynamic artist. Read our interview below to learn more about the gorgeous Houston native, and how she reclaimed her balance after losing her mother.


What is your talent/passion, and when did you begin your pursuit?
I am a singer/songwriter/nation calmer, and I began my pursuit full time (again), shortly after my mom passed away in 2013.

What have you done over the years to enhance your talent/passion?
I had to get to know myself again after my mom passed away. When she transitioned, I was lost. I had to rely on myself, and figure out my strengths. So being a mom myself, had helped me enhance my talents and drive my passion. It is important for me to be honest in what I write. I wrote a lot, I cried a lot, I was left with my feelings…I had to mold them into something beautiful. It was therapy for me.

What do you find you are most inspired by?
I’m most inspired by authenticity. When those around me are authentic and fearless, it shines a light around them, and if I’m in the mix the light shines on me. My son is a prime example of that in my life. He, as a child, is so pure and authentic. Every day, I’m inspired by him, and the ways in which he motivates me.

Who is your favorite artist/group from the 90's?
My favorite artist of the 90s would have to be Lauryn Hill. Her message was so intentional, and I understood her purpose. Still a very relevant album in my life! I used to sing a lot of EnVogue songs growing up. They had chops, and I wanted to sing just like them.

Do you travel, and if so how do your travels inspire your work?
Not as often as I would like, or can afford to. I hope it will manifest for me through this project.

Favorite Vacation spot?
So far, Jamaica. Mainly because the vibe and the water…I’ll be able to better answer this question once I see more of the world ;-)


What is your favorite food/dish?
OMG, I can eat Salmon EVERYDAY! I looooove it so much. I love it burnt a little on the edges…lol

Have you ever been inspired by food? For instance, have you ever had food so good, you broke out into song/dance?
I sing and dance when I eat all the time. Being from Houston, it is not weird to bust a flow over a good dish!

What food/dish is your hometown known for?
Houston is changing so much, the main dish is changing. Can never go wrong with some Frenchy’s tho.



Tell me about your style...
My style is comfy casual. I like to wear unique piece. Thrift store finds. A red lip always takes a super casual look to the next level for me.

I call myself The Swanky Budgeteer, because I have a knack for expensive/high-end clothing, accessories and 5-star travels at outrageously discounted prices. Do you budget shop? Thrift? Coupon?
Yes indeed, my mom used to call me “poor little rich girl” I want all the nice things with the smallest budget. So thrifting is so much fun.

What is your favorite era in fashion?
I enjoy the 70s all that high waist-ness gives me life. Very flattering for my body type. I also enjoy the 90s hip/hop era. Baggy chic clothes, cut up jeans, oversized shirts, jewelry.

Lastly, what do you want the readers at to know about your music, and your latest project?
I am very proud of this project. The upcoming EP is expected to be released this Spring. This project is all about truth. I feel the nation needs a calming motherly touch; and as a natural nurturer, I hope to bring about comfort through my music. It’ll be like resting your head on your mom’s bosom. I truly feel I have a healing spirit, we all do, we have just been so turned off to it. So, I hope to be a reminder that we still have hope, and all we have to do is tap into it. Ultimately, this album is speaking to me too. I need a pick me up, just like the next. So I hope to be that for people.


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