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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Winter {White} Wonderland: How to Best Wear Winter Whites

Feeling like wearing white after Labor Day will label you a fashion pariah?  Well then try on a shade of oyster, parchment, or sugar cube, and let your freak flag fly!  In years of recent Winter Whites have made a wave on the runways and it seems that they are here to stay.

From trench coats to skinny denim, winter whites can add an air of confidence and sophistication to an ensemble.   Not sure if this fairly new take on fashion is for you? No problem. Try pairing a primary color cashmere sweater with a crisp white trouser and the perfect pair of stilettos, and you’ll be 9 to 5 equipped.  However be forewarned a white bottom will add the illusion of volume to your hips, thighs, and buttocks, something to take into consideration if you are a pear shaped (i.e. bottom heavy), so a cropped top or a tunic may be the way to go.

Now, for those who aren’t faint at heart a monochromatic look is the way to go.  However to make this look effortless be sure to pair different shades of white.  An oatmeal top with a white bottom and a nude, bone, or grey shoe should do the trick.

Whether you play it safe or leap in head first, however you decide to sport this look, remember to have fun and be true to you.  

L'Tanya Taylor, Guest Blogger


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