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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Young, Fab & Swanky How I Saved $136 on The YFB Kulani Ombre Skirt

Young Fabulous & Broke $176

Skirt: Young Fabulous & Broke, Marshalls, $40

I'm a devoted fan of the "effortlessly chic" brand, Young Fabulous & Broke. As a lover of all things boho-chic, and as a brand loyalist, I can boast that I own quite a few YFB pieces. 

I have purchased a few of my breezy, "Cali-esqe" Young Fabulous & Broke pieces straight from their website, however, my favorites are purchased at a fraction of the price from discount retailers.

Marshalls, and Saks Off Fifth are my most favored go-to stores for YBF garb. This summer, I was lucky enough to find two brand new (original price tags still intact) YBF pieces at The Buffalo Exchange, here in Houston.

I'm pictured above in my newest Young Fabulous & Broke skirt. I was delighted to catch this skirt at Marshalls, at a highly discounted price. $40, to be exact! As I've previously mentioned, I consider shopping a recreational sport. Yes, I do. Therefore, when I happen upon a deal, I'm eager to come home and scour the Internet to compare prices, and discover just how much I've saved. I danced all around my living room when I came home and discovered that the skirt was currently online priced at $176!! That's a savings of $136!! I WIN!

At last check, the skirt is still listed at $176. Click here  to see for yourself. As the self-proclaimed Swanky Budgeteer, I am proud to say, I'm swanky without breaking the banky  bank. 

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