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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shopping for the Family: Children's Edition

Polo Dress: Macy's: $16
Ugg Boots: $61
Bracelets: Jewelriare

I consider shopping to be my most favored pleasurable pastime. A sport, fun and games, entertainment, exercise! I deem myself The MVP of "Balling on a Budget", aka The Swanky Budgeteer. 
Friends, family and even strangers have always questioned where I shop, what I pay, and some are even bold enough to ask how I can afford to shop at high-end department stores on a Domestic Engineer's budget. RUDE! However unrefined and invasive the inquires I'm always willing to share my shopping secrets. Below I reveal my How-To Guide.

Swanky Budgeteer Secret: I prefer to save money on clothing, so that we can splurge in other aspects of our lives, like investing in our home, and several vacations throughout the year.
On Monday, I was featured as a special guest on the MJWJ Global Radio Network. On the show, I shared my secrets to budget shopping for children. In today's post, I'll share with you my secrets and strategies for shopping for the family, particularly children, and saving. 

By following my tips and guidelines, you will come to understand that there's no need to spend a fortune, not even in high-end department stores, or on name-brand clothing. 
Son: Target Shirt, $9.99
Abercrombie Kids Jeans, $19.99
Me: Top, Nordstrom Rack $9.99
Jeans, Abercrombie, $30
Daughter: Romper, Gap Kids $9.99
Sandals, $14.99 Children's Place
Purse,  $1, Thrifted

1. Plan shopping trips beforehand. I check all of my favorite stores online for coupons, and current deals. I admit, I do not care for clipping coupons, therefore, I use the  Coupon Sherpa app. Coupon Sherpa stores a myriad of up-to-date coupons from major retailers and restaurants. I simply search the app for my favorite stores and pull up the coupons for the cashier to scan off of your phone. Last week, I used the app and saved $20 on a $60 purchase at J.C. Penney using Coupon Sherpa, and I saved $30 on a $90 purchase at Kohl's! At Kohl's I was allowed to combine my the coupons on my phone with their in-store coupons. SCORE! Do not hesitate to ask the salesperson if the store is offering coupons and other savings.

By using the World Wide Web to search and strategize, I am cognizant of any specials and deals beforehand. I check my email every single day to find special deals and offers from  the stores I shop most. I constantly receive deals from Gap (click this link for the Gap's birthday coupon. $45 off of $100). SCORE! I'm on the email list for several stores that send weekly offers. My favorites? J.Crew/CrewCutsabercrombie kidsGap/Gap Kids/Baby GapRalph Lauren (click this link for their summer sale. Up to 70% off).

2. Don't be afraid to shop at  Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus. I find that many are intimidated at the mention of high-end department stores, as they don't know, or believe that these retailers offer amazing deals! They all have discount/clearance  stores: Sakes Fifth Avenue Off 5TH, Nordstrom Rack, Bloomingdales; The Outlet Store, and Neiman Marcus Last Call.

 I purchase all of my family's Joe's Jeans and 7 For All Mankind Jeans at Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off 5TH. The toddler size Joe's Jeans are $28 and under at Nordstrom Rack! I've found them as low as $14.99 for my four-year-old daughter. I also purchase my family's shoes from these discount retailers. I've found $30 Nike Basketball shoes for my son at Nordstrom Rack. 
This summer, I purchased a nice pair of 7 for All Man Kind jeans for my husband, and clothes for my children, at Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5TH and my total was under $100! 

Swanky Budgeteer Secret:The 7 For All Mankind Jeans that I purchased for my husband were originally $172, and they were marked down to $51, then I received an additional 40% off of that with my Saks More Card. Click link to sign up for your own More card. Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5TH is actually my favorite out of the bunch, as I find my greatest savings there.

3. Stock up and shop your favorite children's stores during their best sales, not just the average sales. My favorite time to shop Gap Kids is when they offer an extra 40% off of the sale/clearance price. The last time they had that particular sale, I purchased shirts for my son at $4.99 a piece, and an entire outfit for my daughter for a total of $10. I get such great deals at the Gap. I shop there about 4-5 times a month. 

4. Sign up for customer rewards cards at your favorite stores. I have a "More" card for Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th. Each time I use the card,  I receive additional savings on my purchases. I have a Nordstrom Debit Card as well. With this card, I accrue points throughout the year based on spending, discounts on alteration services, and my favorite:  Anniversary Sale Early Access! 

The TJX stores (Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods) now offer a customer rewards card as well. I was given one to put on my key chain, and when I shop there (which is almost once a week), I swipe to receive store rewards, and access to exclusive shopping events, etc. 

Swanky Budegeteer Secret: I buy all of my son's Levi's Jeans and Polo shirts from Marshall's. His Levi's are 16.99 there, and the Ralph Lauren Polo shirts are 16.99 there as well! 

Swanky Budgeteer Secret: I purchased this pair of Uggs for my daughter at Marshall's for $61.00. The original price was $150! I purchased a pair of Ugg Men's Loafers at Marshall's for my husband for $40. The original price was $120! I do, sometimes purchase my family's Uggs at Nordstrom at full price, but who doesn't love a deal?!

It is my sincere hope that you, as my readers will benefit from my shopping tips. Check back for more tips on shopping and saving! I will update the blog every week for tips on how to shop and save. Please comment, share and enjoy!

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  1. Love this article and how on point it is to the conversation I just had. Changing my views and shopping habits one conversation at a time. Thank you!


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