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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Kitchen to Yours: Syretta's Stir-Fry

Syretta's Stir-Fry

It's no secret that I love to cook healthy dishes for my family. In fact, it's more of an obsession. I visit the grocery store five days a week. I stay for hours at a time.

I'm thrilled when my family gives my meals their stamp of approval. I came up with this recipe strictly based on the our favorite stir-fry vegetables, and the flavors that we like here in my home. This particular recipe garners a standing ovation at the dinner table each time I serve it.

I only cook my vegetables for a short time, as we like our veggies crisp, as opposed to soggy/soft.
I use all fresh, organic vegetables in my stir-fry. I prefer to use my wok when preparing stir-fry, but don't be discouraged if you don't have one, as I'm certain the taste will be the same.

What you'll need:

  1. To begin, wash all vegetables and meat. 
  2. Seed, slice and chop all vegetables. Be sure to keep meat and vegetables separate and to cut on separate surfaces as to avoid cross-contamination.
  3. Add steak to heated wok or pan.
  4. Saute' steak and set aside.
  5. Add more oil to wok/pan, then add and sauté garlic, & after a few mins, add & onion & sauté.
  6. Next, add broccoli, then gradually add all other vegetables
  7. Begin to cook rice in a saucepan. Add a few shakes of soy sauce to rice.
  8. Towards the end, add dried chili pepper ( I cut mine with kitchen scissors prior to adding to stir-fry)
  9. Add cooked meat to the wok with the stir-fry vegetables
  10. Lastly, add Kikkoman Stir-Fry Sauce, (to your taste), Lee Kum Kee Black Bean Sauce, Polar Fish Sauce, and Polar Hoisin Sauce. I only add a few shakes of each. I use this to my taste. Feel free to add as much, or as little as you like.
  • Allow oil to heat before adding food.
  • Prepare and chop all food before you begin in order to avoid down time while cooking
  • Be sure to constantly stir/toss stir fry to avoid burning
  • Use wooden utensils to cook your stir-fry if possible.
  • Add a few shakes of soy sauce to your rice after cooking, before fluffing.
  • Eyeball all sauces and add to your desired taste
  • Don't overcook your stir-fry
Enjoy this meal, and please give me feedback!
Fresh and delicious!


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