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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Once upon a time, I dreamt of becoming a Visual Merchandiser. Though I had no experience in the field, I thought it should certainly be enough that I was creative, and LOVED fashion. After months of searching for a Visual Merchandising job, I was finally hired on as a seasonal Visual Merchandiser for Macy's.

I thought the job would consist of mostly running around being glamorous, using my creativity to dress the mannequins. I even wore heels my first day. I soon learned that the job was more hard, intense labor than fashion. Most days, I walked around with a ladder and tools. Painting, hammering, dusting, and assembling displays. There were SOME days that we were lucky enough to put our passion for fashion to use, and dress mannequins.

Though I did not enjoy the job for various reasons, the job inspired me to go back to school, and pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising. For that, I am most proud. Here are a few looks and displays that I put together while there.


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