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Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome, Foodies and Fashionistas!

Hello friends,

This blog is something I've been putting off for no reason whatsoever! For months, I've been dreaming of starting a blog chronicling restaurant reviews, recipes, green smoothies, and all my other food adventures. I wanted to do a fashion blog as well, but didn't want to do two different blogs. That's when I decided to combine two of my past-times.

I must admit, Andrew Zimmern, and Anthony Bourdain played a huge role in this, as I am obsessed with both of their shows! Both guys are chefs featured in the own shows traveling the globe eating everything from armadillos, pig brains, iguana, and fugu, to name a few. I have never, ever, ever missed an episode of either show. I've been a dedicated fan since the beginning of each show. I stan for these guys to the point that I have their phone numbers, (don't ask how). I'm just way too afraid to ever call. I often find myself being quite adventurous when it comes to food as well. I will try (almost) anything because I love all kinds of food.

What do my food adventures have to do with fashion? I love them equally! How can I come here and journal everyday without sharing pictures, my love for all things vintage, my jewelry, and love of thrifting?! Not possible.

Please join me as I combine a few of my favorite things here for you. Writing, traveling, eating, cooking, thrifting, and lots of other cool stuff. I promise to make it interesting!

Today, I make my dream a reality.

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  1. Love that we share two great things ( as well as other things)as this :) keep up the great work!!!


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